Opera Max for iOS | Opera Max Web Browser for iOS: Browsing the Internet is the easy now with the smartphones. However, one needs to ensure security while online. On the other hand, one must strongly consider the amount of data used and the quality of the web content. For all these, any smartphone must have the best web browser. All though there are lots of browsers available in the store for different platforms, picking up the right one for the iOS is the tedious task. As the platform itself is highly secured, a web browser with added privacy, security and data management would be an added advantage. Opera Max is one such Opera web browser with features as mentioned earlier. Opera Max for iOS version is a data management app that ensures the whole of your security. The article is about Opera Max for iOS Free Download, its features and you can Download Opera Max for iOS.

Opera Max for iOS
Opera Max for iOS

As mentioned, Opera Max is a data and privacy management app that helps you save data and also gives you an extra layer of protection on public or unsecured Wi-Fi networks. The browser also shrinks the data use across on all your apps to help you save data as well as your money. The data savings and privacy protection mode lets you enjoy more videos, music, games and messaging longer and safer. Ensure an all-new browsing experience with the ever trending browser, Opera Max. The function of this data manager is to minimize the size of videos and photos in almost all apps which are connected to the phone data or Wifi.

Opera Max for iOS

Regulate mobile app’s data consumption while protecting your privacy under unsecured mobile and WiFi connections with the Opera Max for iOS data management and privacy app. Opera Max is a web browser app that will help you clear and save data space while using apps like YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, Pandora, Chrome, Line and many apps. As all of these apps require access to the internet, it takes a lot of data space on your device in the megabytes. Opera Max App is a one-step solution as it boosts your WiFi speeds, extends your data plan, manages your data consumption and much more. The web browser works to provide high-quality content, and at the same time, it uses fewer data. It functions as an image compressor, video compressor, and even performs compression intensity settings. The web browser app also provides detailed usage reports and lets you block apps that consume high data while accessing the net.

Opera Max for iOS
Opera Max for iOS

Opera Max is a free VPN-connected data saving and data management app that will extend your data plan and acts as the fastest web browsers on your iOS. Most apps function either as the data managers or as compressors to save your data, but Opera Max for iOS does both at a time. Easily manage your data by monitoring the daily data usage and limit data-hogging apps to WiFi access. Opera Max lets you find out at any time how much data each app installed on your iOS device is consuming and of course, cut off any app that is using more than its limit. Opera Max web browser provides data savings by compressing the videos, photos, media content and more on almost on all your favourite apps and websites without any noticeable loss in its quality. Data overage fees are something that is concerned with the past with Opera Max.

Features of Opera Max for iOS

Data Management & Savings: Opera Max for iOS helps you manage your data by providing real-time, daily and monthly data usage statistics. Monitor your data usage, find out the apps that are consuming most of your data and block the high-data-consuming app. Extend the data by up to 50 percent by compressing videos, images, and media from apps and websites.

Track & Save Data on WiFi: Of about 80 percent of data usage happens on WiFi, and with Opera Max, you can monitor 5x more data usage on Wi-Fi and benefit from Opera Max’s data compression on a crowded, or public Wi-Fi hotspot. Opera Max for iOS data savings can be applied to mobile data and WiFi data independently, now with a dedicated Savings on/off switch.

Block Apps & Prevent Data Leakage: Track what your apps do on mobile & WiFi connections and restrict them from utilising your data without your permission. Prevent them from tracking you in the background by reporting to their clouds or just stop them from trying to connect to the mobile networks to conserve your expensive battery. You can do all this with the new, upgraded “Blocked Apps” section in Opera Max.

Watch More Videos: Opera Max web browser is the first app of its kind to compress the videos, which is a huge consumer of your mobile and WiFi data. Spend low data and time to watch videos on the web. Opera Max for iOS can condense a 10 MB video down to 3 MB and significantly reduces the instances of video buffering.

Private & Secure: Opera Max doesn’t optimise any data sent using the encrypted connections, so all your private data gets directly forwarded to the desired destination rather than being proxied through the Opera Max savings cloud. Opera Max neither analyse nor store your private data like photos, videos or emails.

App Pass: A service available for the Opera Max operators allows to present offers to their subscribers for free, sponsored or paid access to the apps, right when they browse to or open the app and thus giving their users a low-risk way to try mobile data.

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