Download Opera Mini 4 Web Browser: The essential part of any smart device with an internet connection is the web browser. The primary intention of the web browser is to provide the user with their requested page at a much faster rate and at the same time must consume lesser data. Opera is one such web browser that does both as it uses a powerful compression technique in rendering the page. Opera Mini has all the way derived from the Opera web browser. Opera Mini is is a web browser that is designed primarily for the smartphones and the personal digital assistants (PDAs). It has released many versions and one among which is Opera Mini 4. It is the oldest browser, and one could download Opera Mini 4 for free. Get Opera Mini 4 for your device as it is the world’s most competitive browser after Chrome and Firefox.

Opera Mini 4
Opera Mini 4

The Opera Mini 4 is a web browser that offers extensive features and distinct functions. No other browser would provide you with an interface as like Opera Mini. Now surf the web for free at the maximum rate and low data with the Opera Mini 4 web browser. Get a perfect online experience as Opera Mini 4 block ads, provides faster and safer browsing, and it reduces the buffering time.

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Opera Mini 4 – An Outlook

Opera Mini 4 was released on 7 November 2007 by the Opera Software. It used the Java ME platform which required the mobile device to run on Java ME applications. Before the actual release, a beta version was released. View the web pages as if like the desktop-based browser with Opera Mini 4 Overview & Zoom functions, and with a landscape view setting. With the Overview mode, the user could scroll a zoomed-out version of particular web pages. The user could zoom into a portion of the page to provide a clearer view with the built-in pointer. It looks similar to that of the Opera’s Nintendo-based web browsers functionality. Opera Mini 4 has the same rendering engine as of Opera 9.5 desktop browser, and it has a minimal installation size which is less than 100k.

Opera Mini brings you the whole web, including your favorite websites, and services, to almost every smartphone. Opera Mini 4 will automatically reduce the size of the transferred pages, so the sites will load faster while minimizing the cost of surfing. Opera Mini 4 includes several new features like the automatic completion of Web addresses so as to let you go to the sites you need quickly. Also, it has tools for attaching files to the Web-based email, uploading photos to your blog or other sites, downloading attachments from email for storage on your phone and it lets you save and viewing pages offline.

Opera Mini 4
Opera Mini 4

The Opera Mini Version 4 supports Opera Link, an account-based, server-side operation and a platform for synchronizing your online activity across any device that runs on Opera browsers or even on any browser that has got authentication to access My Opera, which is Opera’s social network. Opera Link will instantly and effortlessly synchronize the user’s bookmarks and Opera Speed Dial such that your carry all the information wherever you go. Opera Mini 4 version also includes the ability to synchronize with Opera on a personal computer.

Opera Mini 4 – Features

  • Opera Mini 4 provides support for the Opera Link i.e. Bookmarks and Speed Dial.
  • Get improved web search at a much faster rate with Mini 4.
  • Opera Mini 4 supports rendering in the Overview Snapshot mode.
  • Get automatic and dynamic text size change with Mini 4.
  • The context menu has been added to the Opera Mini version 4.
  • Get automatic completion of the Web addresses.
  • Opera Mini version 4 lets you navigate and zoom throughout the Page via your mouse cursor
  • Use your numeric keys and to use the Visual Scrolling shortcuts.
  • Opera Mini version 4 lets you view in landscape mode.

Opera is also available for

You can also download Opera App for other devices,

Opera Mini 4 – Screenshots

Opera Mini 4
Opera Mini Version 4
Opera Mini 4
Opera Mini Version 4
Opera Mini 4
Opera Version Mini 4

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