Opera Mini 7 Download: Web browsers are in huge number for both smartphones as well as for the desktop platforms. One such popular web browser that is used by millions of people from all over the world is Opera Browser. It is available as computer browsers, mobile browsers and as apps & tools. It has further extended its support to the featured phones as Opera Mini 7. It is also available for other platforms with Java-compatible (J2ME), Nokia S60, BlackBerry, and iPhone. Avail more relevant content at a much faster rate with Opera Mini version 7. The two new features of the browser include a new Smart Page with social integration and the support for unlimited speed dials. Get Opera Mini 7 for basic phones and other platforms, to surf the internet with 90% data compression. Download Opera Mini 7 right from the article as the blog is all about Opera Mini 7 Free Download.

Opera Mini 7 Free Download
Opera Mini 7 Free Download

Opera supports more than 300 different mobile models, and one could experience an ease of web browsing with this Opera Mini browser. Save your mobile data and at the same time browse faster, and block ads on the go with Opera Mini 7. The users can take the Web wherever along with him for safer and faster browsing. Get quick access to the social media sites, news sites and RSS feeds section from Opera Mini version 7.

Opera Mini – A Glimpse

Opera Mini is a web browser that is primarily designed for the smartphones and PDAs. It was derived from Opera Browser and was developed by Opera Software. The primary function of Opera Mini is to compress the web page up to 90% before sending it to the smartphones thus reducing the data consumption. The pre-processing increases the compatibility with web pages that are not designed for mobile phones. Opera Mini uses the Mini server-based compression technique. The Speed Dial feature of Opera Mini lets you pin your favourite websites on the homepage to give you one-click access. There is a private browsing option available with the browser that allows you browse in incognito mode.

What is Opera Mini 7 All About?

Opera Mini 7 is the seventh version of Opera Mini browser that came into existence on 31st May 2012, and it intelligently fetches data to maximise your data savings. Get a one-page summary of all the news from your Facebook and Twitter feeds as the browser has come with an all-new feature called Smart Page. Add feeds of the sites you browse most often. Further, the Smart Page will also offer up suggestions for the news sites to follow. The feature will ultimately let you get rid of manually typing the web addresses by using mobile phones keyboard. The Opera Mini 7 browser also provides you with full websites access, and the Mini 7 functions better than the stock browser on your phone thus making you navigate to the web quickly.

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Opera Mini 7 – Features

Smart Pages: Quickly access to the social media, news sites and RSS feeds from Opera Mini 7 browser. It includes My Sites, Social, and News Links.

My Sites: Opera Mini 7 has My sites Smart Page that will automatically link to your favourite sites based on your previous surfing. It updates dynamically, and it acts as the prime place on the Smart Page for quicker, easier access to the frequently used sites. Get auto-generated links to three most visited sites and swipe or tap on the left arrow to see six more.

Social Sites: Latest news will be displayed on the Social Smart Pages, and the users can access more by navigating the sideways on their Facebook or Twitter. Get easy access to those sites by just clicking on the news item on the Smart Page. Swipe or tap on the left arrow to see six entries each for both the sites.

News Links: Get adaptable links to all the major news sites. However, based on the region of the user links will differ. Opera Mini displays headlines of the news, sports and other categories. Get three headlines from the RSS feeds by swiping or tap left.

Access the Full Web: Opera Mini 7 lets you navigate both full web page or compatible mobile page. The full web page is the default one, but it is usually accessible as a link if you meet a mobile page.

Suggested Links: Access mainstream sites with about 25 non-removable links. The links are divided further into categories, and it includes News, Finance, Sports and Social Networks.

Unlimited Speed Dials: Add as many Speed Dials as you like, or as many as your device supports now with the Opera Mini 7 web browser.

Power Scrolling Shortcuts: As Opera Mini is specially designed for the featured phones, some scrolling shortcuts have been created. Press 2 to go up, or 4 to go left, or 6 to go right and 8 to go down. Press 5 to zooms the screen in and out.

Opera is also available for

You can also download Opera App for other devices,

Opera Mini 7 – Screenshots

Opera Mini 7 Free Download
Opera Mini 7 Free Download
Opera Mini 7 Free Download
Opera Mini 7 Free Download
Opera Mini 7 Free Download
Opera Mini 7 Free Download

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