Opera Mini for BlackBerry Download: With the hands-on smartphones, anyone needs a browser to connect to the web. Having a web browser is the necessary things as it simplifies the task of searching for an answer. Application development has made everything simpler as the browsers are readily available in the Stores as apps. Not every browser supports the BlackBerry operating system like Opera Mini. It is one of the oldest and popular web browser that is available as Opera Mini for BlackBerry. Any BlackBerry users need not feel neglected as you can download Opera Mini for BlackBerry from the BlackBerry World. It is a known fact that the browser provides high-speed data and high-quality content. Get Opera Mini Browser for BlackBerry OS to avail the whole of its features. If you still wanted to know in detail about the Opera Mini web browser for BlackBerry, then get into this article for more information.

Opera Mini for BlackBerry
Opera Mini for BlackBerry

Surfing online will be faster and simpler when your BlackBerry OS has Opera Mini installed. Enjoy web browsing at 90% faster with Opera Mini. Get a lighter, faster and less-intrusive access to the Internet content from Opera Mini with an internet connection. The browser app is free, and it is a secure version that provides you with a customizable browsing experience. Now it is easy to save your data for later use as Opera Mini uses an automatic compression method.

What is Opera Mini All About?

Opera Mini is a modern web browser that was released in 2005 by Opera Software. It is a browsing app for smartphones and personal digital assistance primarily. Opera Mini is the miniature version of Opera browser that was initially available as a beta version. It was developed mainly for those mobile phones that are not capable of running on conventional web browsers. Till version 4, Opera Mini is offered for free of charge in collaboration with mobile operators, and it was pre-installed on BlackBerry, Bada, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. From version 5, Opera Mini is made available as a native application for the Android, iOS, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Tizen mobiles. Like Opera, its mini version will efficiently compress the web page you requested for up to 90% before sending it to your mobile. Thus, the compression server will increase the speed of web page transfer and reduce the amount of data consumed. The preprocessing will increases the compatibility of the web page that is not designed for mobile platforms. Currently, Opera Mini is being used by more than 25 million users from all over the world.

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Opera Mini for BlackBerry

Opera Mini help you browse the web content from your BlackBerry phone at a much more comfortable level and high speed. Save up to 90% of your data with the advanced compression technology. Opera Mini for BlackBerry OS includes all the standard desktop features of Opera Browser. Added, it also has all the advanced features like Speed Dial, Bookmarks, Smart Page and Night Mode options. The central hub of the browser app is the Speed Dial feature with which you can access your favourite sites with one-click shortcuts for up to nine sites. Thumbnail feature in Opera Mini will show you the preview of the sites to make things clear and simple as possible. Opera Mini for BlackBerry includes a private mode, whereby you can open tabs that won’t be tracked by others. Access contents with more privacy. With the server-side rendering technology, Opera Mini loads pages at a faster rate. It compresses the images and graphical elements. Load multiple pages at once as Opera Mini is designed to hold the tab-based interface.

Opera Mini for BlackBerry
Opera Mini for BlackBerry

Download Opera Mini for BlackBerry

Access this link to get Opera Mini for Blackberry.

Features of Opera Mini for BlackBerry

Block-Ads: Opera Mini for BlackBerry has a native ad blocker that loads your requested web pages much faster. It will free up all the screen space especially for the content you are interested in.

Save Mobile Data: With the advanced compression technology, you can save your mobile data up to 90%. Enjoy browsing at a faster rate as Opera is known for its speed.

Speed Dial: Save and access all your frequently visited pages right on the browser’s start page with the all-new Speed Dial feature of Opera Mini browser. Bookmark the page which you frequently visit to access it faster.

Smart Night Mode: The Smart Night Mode in the Opera Mini browser helps you read the web content even in low light more conveniently. Dim your phone’s screen and browse without straining your eyes in the dark.

Private Browsing: Remove all the traces of your browsing history as Opera Mini supports the Private browsing mode. Ensure added security from the web browser as it auto deletes the history one you close the tab.

Smart Page: Get all the current information on your Opera Mini home page. Stay up-to-date with all the latest news, sports, and entertainment in Opera Mini’s Smart Page.

Download Manager: You can keep track of how your smartphone downloads the files and web content quickly with Opera Mini’s download manager.

Opera Link: Synchronize all your bookmarks, Speed Dial entries between different devices now with the Opera Link option. Thus, you can access them from any device.

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