Opera Mobile Store Download: Applications or aka apps developed are massive in number. One has every possibility to use them for free. However, one need not search for the respective app from its official site to download it. Rather, all the apps developed are stored in a common place or could be referred to as an App store. There are lots of apps store available on the market, and one among them is the Opera Mobile Store. One could download apps via Opera Mobile Store quickly as it has classified the apps into different categories. It is a platform independent browser-based app store that supports Android, Java, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, iOS, and Windows Mobile. So one could get Opera Mobile Store for free irrespective of the platform. The article is all about Opera App Store, features of Opera Mobile Store and a direct link to download Opera Mobile Store. Get in to know more and download opera mini.

Opera Mobile Store
Opera Mobile Store

With hands-on smart devices, all of us are in need of different applications. Opera Mobile Store provides all the available apps for all the platforms. So it is a one-step point to get apps right into your device. Unlike PlayStore, Opera App Store can run on any device and hence it acts as an alternative. Being the third largest app storefront in the world, Opera Mobile Store has apps ranging from business to games. The user-friendly interface of the app store has marked the development and growth from all sorts of users.

Opera Mobile Store – A Complete View

Opera Mobile Store was launched and powered by a third-party provider in March 2011, and it was relaunched in January 2012 on a new platform, after the acquisition of a mobile app store platform company named Handster. Opera Mobile Store is currently owned and maintained by Opera Software ASA. As mentioned, the Opera App Store is a platform-independent browser-based app store for mobile-phone users, and it is used by more than 40,000 developers around the world as a digital application distribution platform. The service allows the users to browse and download the applications for over 7,500 different devices on Android, iOS, Java, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.

Opera Mobile Store
Opera Mobile Store

The apps in the Opera Mobile Store are categorised as video games, business & finance, social media apps, e-books, lifestyle, multimedia, communication, sports, travel, utilities, organisers, and others. There is both free and paid version of the apps available in the app store. It is to note that the Opera App Store delivers more than 1 million app downloads a day. One could access it from any mobile phone via a visual bookmark with the OMS logo on the Speed Dial or in the Start Page of Opera Mini download or Opera Mobile browsers. The app store is also accessible from any other browser, including the desktop versions, and on any operating system, from its official site. The Opera Mobile Store will forward the user to the country-specific Opera app store based on the location information obtained from the mobile carrier or ISP.

Opera Mobile Browser – A Speciality

Are you an app developer? Are you looking for the platform to exhibit your app? Then Opera Mobile Store is for you. It is especially exciting for the publishers and app designers. The Publisher Portal acts as a stepping stone for those developers who can develop a new app, and it even helps them to launch the apps. Opera App Store doesn’t charge the developers for joining in the mobile store’s distribution program and for publishing their apps. However, the apps developed by them are subject to approval by Opera Mobile Store team. There will be a basic reliability testing done on all the platforms and devices, and its approval is declared by the developer in the submission process. It is to note that Opera Mobile Store does not accept any adult and sexual content. Creating Publisher Portal head you to the official homepage in which you have to enter your email address and company name. Click on Registration to proceed after accepting to the terms and conditions.

What does the Opera Mobile Store Offer?

  • Opera Mobile Store offers you with outstanding user-acquisition value by volume and performance.
  • Get unparalleled market reach in high-growth mobile markets.
  • Avail the expert assistance in mobile app localisation with Opera Mobile Store.
  • Get the comprehensive testing and quality assurance.
  • The mobile store offers close collaboration in developing exceptional and creative designs.
  • The Store offers you technical support and solutions to optimise your tracking.
  • Start getting new user signups immediately with the rapid deployments.

Features of Opera Mobile Store

Free & Popular App Store: Opera Mobile Store is free to access and is used by millions of people. Search for the apps and games as the store has tons of them. The apps provided by Opera Store are virus free and clean.

User-Friendly Interface: The UI of Opera Mobile Store brings you ease while searching for the app and also for downloading. The interface of the app store is clean and comprehensive.

Search Faster: Search in the keyword for the app you are looking to download from Opera Mobile Store, and it will bring it up to you quickly.

Download Faster: Get ultimate download speeds which depend on your internet connection. In other words, based on your internet connection Opera Mobile Store consumes the maximum download speeds. To download the apps at the much faster rate.

Detailed Note: Find every detail of the app such as its description, file size, developer’s name and version of the app. So Opera app store lets you know everything about the app that you are about to download.

An Alternative App Store: Opera store is just an alternative to Apple’s App Store, Google Play Store, Nokia’s Ovi Store, and RIM’s BlackBerry App World. Get apps for any of the platforms from one store called Opera Mobile Store.

Powerful  App Store: The server and system of the app store are robust and powerful thus allowing the tasks to be performed smoothly.

How To Access Opera Mobile Store

On the top of the homepage of the Opera Mobile Store, you will see a toolbar with the names of different operating systems that are being supported by the app store. Select the operating system in which your device works and view the apps available. Click on the blue box that is accessible in the left corner to enter your device manually. Now browse for the app which you wanted to download. To make the search faster, you could choose from the categories. You can see a download button on the description page of the app and on clicking that button will lead you to the app store that is most compatible with your device. For example, iOS users will be redirected to the App Store; Android users will be redirected to the Google Play Store. If you are a BlackBerry user, then the download will happen directly from these third-party app stores.

Opera is also available for

You can also download Opera App for other devices,

Screenshots of Opera Mobile Store

Opera Mobile Store
Opera Mobile Store
Opera Mobile Store
Opera Mobile Store
Opera Mobile Store
Opera Mobile Store
Opera Mobile Store
Opera Mobile Store

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